Keynote Speaker

Brief introduction of keynote speakers (mandatory) and of the keynote speeches (if available):

Asc. Prof. Dr. Quek Choon Lang  (National Institute of Education, Singapore)

Prof. Dr. Quek Choon Lang is an Associate Professor in the Learning Sciences and Assessment Academic Group (LSA AG), National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She teaches and supervises Undergraduates, Masters and Doctoral students. Her research interests include pedagogical innovation, learning environments, classroom interactions, and technology-enhanced project-based learning. Her principal interest is in science education. Her research conducted in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong has 3 main strands: ‘Analysis of Classroom Interactions across subject areas, with and without technology’, ‘Psycho-social Perspective of Pedagogy related to Educational Uses of Digital Technology’ and ‘Impact of Teacher Professional Development and Learning using Digital Technology’.

Prof. Dr. Mansor Bin Abu Talib  (UCSI Universiti, Malaysia)

Prof. Dr. Mansor bi Abu Talib is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences & Liberal Art, UCSI Universiti Malaysia. He has published many research papers in various journals and international conferences. His publications have been cited more than a thousand times by other researchers.

Asc. Prof. George Aranda, Ph.D. (Deakin University, Australia)

Asc. Prof. George Aranda, Ph.D., is a Lecturer in Education (Science Education) at Faculty of Arts and Education, Department School of Education in Melbourne Burwood Campus, Deakin University, Australia.He is a former cognitive neuroscientist who has moved from brains to science education research and science communication. Now researching and teaching at Deakin University, he has broad interests in writing, social networking modes of communication, podcasting, science communication videos, and understanding how scientists and their work are perceived worldwide.

 Julie Simon Macariola, (Philippine Stewards for Humanity and Excellence Inc.)

Julie Simon Macariola, is a licensed professional educator and has been in the academe since 2003. She is a certified trainer and a communication coach. She has been an international speaker for years, delivering talks and training in counseling, pedagogy, andragogy, oratory, and communication. She is an English Language Development Specialist at KPIS International School, also an adjunct English Language Lecturer at Panyapiwat Institute of Management.

Dr.Wendy Jobling, EdD. (Deakin University, Australia)

Dr Wendy Jobling, EdD., is a Lecturer in Education (Science Education) at Faculty of Arts and Education, Department School of Education in Melbourne Burwood Campus, Deakin University, Australia. She is interested in Primary and Early Childhood Design, Creativity and Technology, and Science Education research. She has the 2010 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. First-Year Teaching and 2009 Dean’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching for Excellence in Teaching Evaluations.

Asc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kristiawan, (Universitas Bengkulu, Indonesia)

Asc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kristiawan is an Assistant Professor of Education in Universitas Bengkulu. Currently he serve as lecturer in Ph.D of Education Study Program of Universitas Bengkulu.